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September 4, 2006

Re: Steve Marchese/Laurel Ridge Construction Co., Inc.


About four years ago, my family LLC had decided to build a “log type home” on a lot we had owned for years in Blowing Rock. After interviewing and discussing “how” to build our summer home on a pretty difficult piece of land (lots of rock and spring issues) we decided on Laurel Ridge Construction Co., Inc. to be our primary contractor.

A couple of my long time local friends recommended Steve and after meeting with him, we decided he was the person to deal with the rather vague and indefinite plans we had in mind. Due to Steve’s flexibility and patience we weathered major design changes which created a home far from the initial log home envisioned!

Due to one incredible surprise after another, our footings finally came to life and the project got properly underway. In retrospect, had it not been for steve and his dedication to helping us get out of the quagmire we were in (literally and figuratively speaking) we’d still be fooling with the foundation. Well, our problems were far from over especially when we found out that even here in the mountains we were subject to 120 mph winds, mostly due to altitude issues. Again, Steve kept the project on track, in spite of reframing that had to be done to meet the wind load needs, etc. As we finished the project, Steve’s sharp eye for plumb, level and square came into play and we ended up with a very good finish job regarding trim, hand rails and a myriad of other finishing details that rally make the final impression. The finished result is fist class and it shows.

Steve kept his word throughout the project, in spite of the lengthy delays that came to play in this project. He stuck with us and provided very competent personnel in a timely fashion and still today provides the follow up that one inevitably needs as one starts to actually live in the home.

My wife and I highly recommend Steve and Laurel Ridge Construction Co., Inc. to anyone desiring a dedicated builder to build their home. He and his wife, Denice, kept excellent records, are honest to a fault, and treat you like a member of their family rather than merely a customer.

Feel free to call me for any questions regarding Steve and Laurel Ridge Construction Co., Inc..

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