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Steve is the President of the company and has built a strong reputation as a quality builder. He strives for perfection in all of his work and demands the same from all of his employees. Steve specializes in renovations, additions, and custom homes. Steve has long standing relationships with all of his customers that he has accumulated over the past twenty years. Customers will tell you that once you are a customer, you are a customer for life. Customer satisfaction is very important and it shows in all of our customer references.

Michael and Sarah Kearney

We have built a number of custom homes over the last 25 years and our experience with Laurel Ridge Construction has been the most rewarding in all respects. Their attention to detail, concern for the customer and quality of build is exceptional. Although anyone can advertise “service after the sale” for Laurel Ridge this is a way of life. They set the standard for excellence, value and reliability.

Matthew Kucera

To whom it may concern: “I hired Laurel Ridge Construction Co. to do a renovation that was extensive and had an element of time sensitivity. Steve was able to put together a contract that was thorough and flexible, allowing us room for any unforeseen events. Being long distance from the project, Steve was efficient and communicative, and we finished ahead of schedule and on budget. Steve and Denise make a great team, I can recommend them for your next project. Matthew Kucera, Melbourne, FL”

– Matthew Kucera, CIMA, CFM
First Vice President
Wealth Management Advisor

Christopher J. Daly

Let this serve as a recommendation for Steve Marchese and Laurel Ridge Construction Co, Inc. I have many years of experience in commercial development, but this was the first time we had attempted to construct a new residence. In commercial development, it’s not unusual for a contractor to include in his estimate only what is on the architectural plans. Anything omitted can become a costly change order once discovered. I, therefore, approached this project, on a challenging sloped lot, with more than a little trepidation.

It turns out I had nothing to worry about. Throughout our project, I was impressed that Steve had thought to include items in his estimate that were not in the plan details; touches I wouldn’t have thought to ask for until construction were complete. With his experience building in the area, Steve was also a great sounding board when picking finishes, or deciding between different materials. He didn’t try to influence the process, but was a trusted guide.

Finally, it was our intent to build a very energy efficient home and construct along “green” guidelines. While some contractors we talked to told us it was a waste of our money, Steve understood its importance to us and helped us to evaluate different mechanical, window and even solar systems. He became a partner in the process and not just a vendor.

I highly recommend Steve Marchese and Laurel Ridge Construction Co, Inc. as contractor who takes time to know their customers and become involved in the project along with them.

Howard & Linda Dunlap

Of the numerous remodeling jobs we have done in the past working with Laurel Ridge Construction Co., Inc. was the very best. Steve immediately came to our rescue when we had a leak causing extensive water damage in several rooms both up and down stairs. He went beyond the call of duty by removing our valuables & furniture in the water damaged rooms for us. We also felt comfortable with the demolition of several rooms to accommodate for their building a large new kitchen while we remained in our home in Florida. Not only did LRB stay within the quoted amount on several projects in this house, but constantly consulted with us when it came to problems or questions regarding any challenges or possible mandated changes. As with all projects time is always questionable, however, we felt they were able to complete the various jobs within the time frame we had set.  We highly recommend their workmanship!!

– Howard & Linda Dunlap, Blowing Rock

Gwen Steele, REALTOR

My husband and I have worked with Laurel Ridge Construction on our home and on several houses that were remodeled for resale. We have been totally pleased with Steve and his crews on every job.

I am a REALTOR and have recommended Laurel Ridge to many of my clients which can be a scary thing to do. I have NEVER had a complaint from a single one of them! Several clients have used Steve more than once and they, too, recommend him to their friends.

The men are friendly, tidy and listen well. One of the most common compliments about Steve is that he does not assume what his clients want, but stays in close communication with them to avoid mistakes. My favorite thing about him is that he does what he says he will do and I can count on him.


Michael P. Cudlipp

Michael P. Cudlipp, Esq
3483 NE 163 St
North Miami Beach, Fl 33160
Tel (305)940-0668
Fax (305)940-0663

September 4, 2006

Re: Steve Marchese/Laurel Ridge Construction Co., Inc.


About four years ago, my family LLC had decided to build a “log type home” on a lot we had owned for years in Blowing Rock. After interviewing and discussing “how” to build our summer home on a pretty difficult piece of land (lots of rock and spring issues) we decided on Laurel Ridge Construction Co., Inc. to be our primary contractor.

A couple of my long time local friends recommended Steve and after meeting with him, we decided he was the person to deal with the rather vague and indefinite plans we had in mind. Due to Steve’s flexibility and patience we weathered major design changes which created a home far from the initial log home envisioned!

Due to one incredible surprise after another, our footings finally came to life and the project got properly underway. In retrospect, had it not been for steve and his dedication to helping us get out of the quagmire we were in (literally and figuratively speaking) we’d still be fooling with the foundation. Well, our problems were far from over especially when we found out that even here in the mountains we were subject to 120 mph winds, mostly due to altitude issues. Again, Steve kept the project on track, in spite of reframing that had to be done to meet the wind load needs, etc. As we finished the project, Steve’s sharp eye for plumb, level and square came into play and we ended up with a very good finish job regarding trim, hand rails and a myriad of other finishing details that rally make the final impression. The finished result is fist class and it shows.

Steve kept his word throughout the project, in spite of the lengthy delays that came to play in this project. He stuck with us and provided very competent personnel in a timely fashion and still today provides the follow up that one inevitably needs as one starts to actually live in the home.

My wife and I highly recommend Steve and Laurel Ridge Construction Co., Inc. to anyone desiring a dedicated builder to build their home. He and his wife, Denice, kept excellent records, are honest to a fault, and treat you like a member of their family rather than merely a customer.

Feel free to call me for any questions regarding Steve and Laurel Ridge Construction Co., Inc..

Rick J. Cornella


Rick W. Geldmeier M.D. Rick J. Cornella, M.D.
Patrick E. Holmes, M.D. Tammy N. Crumpler, M.D.
Steven Bullock, M.D.
September 24, 2006

To whom it may concern,

I am writing in reference to Mr. Steve Marchese regarding his personal and professional qualities.

I have known Steve for approximately 8 years. During that time he has been the general building contractor for us on two major projects as well as a few minor ones. The major projects include extensive renovation of an existing home as well as an addition/renovation of another home. The addition consisted of over 3,000 square feet of new construction.

Steve has been a pleasure to work with and has met or exceeded our expectations. Our satisfaction with his work has resulted in our desire to him whenever we need a contractor.

He has been very thorough in his initial assessments. We were given a very accurate estimate of costs with a detailed breakdown of materials, labor, subcontractors and overhead. During construction, we communicated on a regular basis regarding progress as well as potential problems. The invoices we received were accurate and we found no discrepancies. Steve closely supervised his own crew as well as the subcontractors. Those working for Steve did quality work and were pleasant to deal with.

I think I can summarize our experience with Steve as follows. He approaches the job as though he were building for himself. He is honest, diligent, knowledgeable, pleasant and his work is of excellent quality. I would give him my highest recommendation for any construction project.

Rick J. Cornella, M.D.

Richard & Linda Chastain

Dear Steve,

We are so pleased with the window replacement work you did for us.

I was dreading the construction work because it would create a lot of dust and mess to the interior of our home. I cannot thank you enough for the care all of the crew took to do a great job replacing the front wall and windows with only a minimum of dust and dirt while protecting my carpet and hardwood floors. Because of your care during the job and the cleanup of the construction area we got our house back to normal very quickly.

Thanks to all of you for a great job.

Richard & Linda Chastain.

Cummings Testimonial

“Thank you for all you have done for us! Our remodeling experience has been such a pleasure and we feel so fortunate to have you as our builder! Thank you for all your careful attention to detail and going the extra mile! We are thrilled with our home! All the best wishes for the New Year! ”
-Virginia and Hugo

Cummings Testimonial

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