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Christopher J. Daly

Let this serve as a recommendation for Steve Marchese and Laurel Ridge Construction Co, Inc. I have many years of experience in commercial development, but this was the first time we had attempted to construct a new residence. In commercial development, it’s not unusual for a contractor to include in his estimate only what is on the architectural plans. Anything omitted can become a costly change order once discovered. I, therefore, approached this project, on a challenging sloped lot, with more than a little trepidation.

It turns out I had nothing to worry about. Throughout our project, I was impressed that Steve had thought to include items in his estimate that were not in the plan details; touches I wouldn’t have thought to ask for until construction were complete. With his experience building in the area, Steve was also a great sounding board when picking finishes, or deciding between different materials. He didn’t try to influence the process, but was a trusted guide.

Finally, it was our intent to build a very energy efficient home and construct along “green” guidelines. While some contractors we talked to told us it was a waste of our money, Steve understood its importance to us and helped us to evaluate different mechanical, window and even solar systems. He became a partner in the process and not just a vendor.

I highly recommend Steve Marchese and Laurel Ridge Construction Co, Inc. as contractor who takes time to know their customers and become involved in the project along with them.

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